The Deranged Man in the Hospital Before his Demise

A mentally unstable man under the care and superintendence of BAHASS Foundation passed on yesterday 5th August 2022. The Non Profit foundation located in Wa is responble for provision of basic necessities such as food,  clothes,  healthcare to deranged people.

The deceased was admitted at the Wa Municipal Hospital with the support of the Foundation before he passed on. His body was later conveyed to the Busa Cemetery located in Wa where he was laid to rest during early hours of the day.

During the burial process, an adolescent girl Appeared at the cemetery claiming the deceased mad man is her father, this triggered the pulse of many at the site.

The Young Girl Claims the Mentally Deranged Man is her Father

She was later transported to the Wa Naa’s Palace for identification purposes, none of her relatives is known yet per an announcement made via Whatsapp.


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