Dr. Bawumia with The Upper West Regional Minister.

The Vice President of the republic, H.E Alhaj Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia joins scores of Muslims in Wa, the regional capital of the Upper West Region to mark this year’s Ed-ul-fitr. The Veep coming to the Upper West Region to perform the Eid prayer was earlier disclosed by him in Bulenga in the Wa East district of the Upper West Region during his Ramadan tour to the Upper West Region.

Today’s visit to the region was seen as a fulfillment of a promise he made to break the Ramadan with the Muslim Ummah in the region.
Delivering his speech, he said every policy that has been engendered by the Nana Addo’s administration has been meant to engender inclusiveness so that the country can move away from the old systems of governance that left many Ghanaians on the peripherals.

He noted that the President set up the Ministry for Zongo and inner city Development to make the Zongos and Inner cities a central part of the Nation’s development agenda adding that” we want to make sure that Inner cities and Zongo communities no longer become exclusive zones for breeding disparse and hopelessness”.

He stated that though the task may be so great taking the over 1080 Zongo communities in Ghana into consideration which put much pressure on the Minister but he was optimistic that the President chose a Minister who has Zongo communities in his heart and will certainly deliver the task. He revealed the Ministry of Finance has signed the commencement warrant to begin spending on the budget allocated for the Zongo Ministry.

Veep side by side with Upper West Regional Minister

Dr. Bawumia emphasised the need for Muslims and Christians to still maintain the peace and unity the two religions have for so many years. He said this will foster peace and unity indicating that, he was joined by Christian leaders in his Ramadan tour into a mosque where they prayed together which shows a sign of unity.
On terrorism, the Veep noted that, the incident of the Burikinabe who was arrested in a church in Hamile in the Upper West Region should serve as sign for the need to report any suspected person who behaves strangely in any part of the country to the security service so that a check can be put in place to get miscreants who might want to occasion mayhem in this country arrested.

Meanwhile, the Wa Central Chief Imam, Alhaj Dr Mohammed Suleman Bakuri who led the Eid prayers in his sermon thank the Vice President for the honour done the Muslim Ummah in the region and prayed that Almighty Allah bestow wisdom on the President of Ghana and his Vice to administer the affairs of mother Ghana to the desired destination.

However, Eid-ul-fitr is one of the Islamic fests where Muslims after the completion of the compulsory fasting in the month of Ramadan have to offer the obligatory prayer a day after the last day of Ramadan with merry making coupled sharing of food and drinks among other activities.

By: Saeed Fatawu.

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