Dr. Violet Makuku at Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University


Management and Staff of Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University have Organized a 4-day workshop beginning 7th February 2023 to sensitize Industry players on the need to improve the University’s Revenue Mobilization Prowess and Also Enhance Technical Education Standards within the University.

The Program was also regimented to discuss and settle on possible ways through which the University can use it’s available skills and resources to increasing the Internally Generated funds of the Institution through Grant Writing.

As the 10th University Established by the Technical Universities Act, 2016 (Act 922), the Universities is working to expand it’s infrastucture and Human Resource Capacity and by this the Vice Chancellor Prof. Elais K. Sowley Advocated for coordination and mutual Partnership to be able to stand out as the Best Technical University out of all the 10 Technical Universities in Ghana.

” The Program focuses on Mindset change and Team building and ultimately about how to write and win grants, the rationale for this is that we want to build capacity, Universities are built around the Quality of the people inside the Institution, sometimes I say we can easily become the best depending on what the people Inside the Institution do, we need to change our mindset…”.

A Special Lead Facilitator at the University, Dr. Violet Makuku from Zimbabwe with expertise in Quality Assurance urged Management to Embrace Change and Be Willing to focus on their Mandate as a Technical University to be able to Stand out as Successful TVET Institution, she added that ICT Should be included in the University’s Programs Structures in order to make the Human Resources Trained Competitive in the Job Market.

“We want the Local Communities to be part of the Success Story of this University, we will go out to them to contribute in cash or Kind, the University need to partner with the Private sector, the two have to come together to collaborate, it can easily develop the Institution..”

She also touched on the Setbacks of Lack of Hostel Facilities in the University.

“when I was doing a research for this Institution, I realized that they need hostel facilities, it’s quite pathetic, the distance student move is an issue, they need bungalows…”

Dr. Violet Makuku Assured that she would be Revisiting the University in November to Assess Improving Standards.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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