Community Support Health Center in Bonaa

Assembly Member of Bonaa Hon. Fatawu Mwengu has explained how the absence of a health facility in his Electoral Area is affecting effective healthcare delivery in his community.

Speaking to The Media in an interview few days ago, he appealed to concerned stakeholders to come to their aid.

“..We don’t have a permanent facility so health insurance isn’t active in our community, we have to go to Loggu to access healthcare with NHIS Cards, We need a Permanent facility..”

Naa Alhaji Seidu Kadri III, Divisional Chief of the area, also expressed concern about the setbacks they face in the health sector.

“’s worrying, We have no position to change it, i was born in Manwe but have so much interest in issues of Bonaa, I was Enskinned as Bonaa Naa to Succeed a Chief who has moved to Manwe to be Chief, I know the two governments have done well but I also think we should also look amongst us to see if we can help ourselves, I’ll also thank Former Assembly Member, Hon. Anthony but we need support to get this Health facility converted to a public health Facility..”


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