District Chief Executive of Wa East, Hon. Ewurah Suleman

Dr Suleman Ewura Mahama Kandia, the District Chief Executive for Wa East, has assured the people of Yaru that the District Assembly would attend to their road concerns.

The DCE was speaking on Info Radio’s Ti Zine Yiri Yele against the backdrop of concerns by residents of Yaru that their roads were in a deplorable state, causing them stress and difficulty in travelling as well as accessing healthcare services.

Dr Kandia said plans were underway to reshape a number of roads in the district in the coming days.

He disclosed that there have been considerations to have built a Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) Compound at Yaru to serve their health needs and reduce the struggle of motoring bad roads to access healthcare.

The DCE, however, called on the people of the Yaru and the generality of the constituents to be patient with the district authorities as they take active steps to address their concerns.

He said the development was a gradual step-by-step process that cannot happen at one go, hence the need to be patient and stay positive as the authorities were not sleeping on the job.

The residents had told Info Radio in an interview at the community that the deplorable state of the roads, especially the Yaru-Gudaayiri road which serves as the commercial route had left their lives in misery as no socio-economic activity can be transacted.

“A few months back when my brother fell sick, thanks to God, we got a car but transporting him to Gudaayiri, and then to Wa, was a hell on earth. I suffered and I knew my brother, the indisposed was dying,” Mr Abdullah Mahama, a resident, recounted.

Mr Taller Mahama wondered if the road was constructed by humans or made by cattle given the ummotorable and deadly state of the road.

He likened the road situation of the community and their ability to access healthcare services from any of the three neighbouring communities to the weaving of nests by birds meant to be only flown in, with no linking roads.

Mr Mahama said they have observed that the government was not doing anything about their plights hence, “we have to be our own government” to rehabilitate the road.

The residents had, therefore, taken to communal labour on weekly basis to fix the road while calling on authorities and the benevolence of people to come to their aid.

Source: Info Radio

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