Visey Royal Household

The District Chief Executive (DCE) for the Wa East, Dr. Suleman Ewurah Kandia Mahama, has extolled Naa Alhaji Ganieu Abdulai Sienu III, the chief of Visey, for initiating some development interventions in the community since he took over the reign of leadership about a year ago.

As part of the interventions, Naa Alhaji Sienu had begun grading and reshaping the Naaha-Visey and supported farmers in the Visey community with fertilizer for farming after he was enskinned as the chief of Visey in January 2022.

Dr. Mahama gave the commendation in an address during a durbar of the chiefs and people of the Kantosis (Saamunei) clan and the first anniversary of the Naa Sienu at Visey in the Wa East District.

He cited the support for farmers with inputs to farms and the grading of the road and many development interventions as laudable and said that was the mandate of being a chief and a leader.

“What I have come here to observe, I have seen there is power in unity, and I wish this can be replicated across the district. Living and interacting with others peacefully should be a concern to all.

When I was coming I saw what is happening on the road. I have seen his (Visey Naa) initiative. Maybe I am yet to be privy to the initiatives of other chiefs in the district but this is commendable”, he said.

He assured the chef and his people of the district assembly’s readiness to complement the efforts of the chief and his elders to facilitate the development of the area.

“There are other things we have to come in as a government to help complete the development process”, he said and promised to commence the electrification process of the Visey community before the end of 2023.

Dr. Mahama also commended the chief for his pronouncement against illegal mining in the area and urged people who had an interest in mining gold in the area to seek support from the assembly to acquire the needed license to mine appropriately.

On his part, Naa Sienu explained that there had been significant improvement in some sectors of community life such as improvement in school enrolment following the distribution of free school uniforms, renovation of the classroom block, as well as agriculture and peace.

He cited the deplorable state of the Wa-Visey road as a major threat to their poverty eradication efforts as the community would soon be cut off from the rest of the district during the rainy season if nothing is done on it before the onset of the rains.

“We are desirous of reducing poverty in this enclave and Agriculture is the sure way to pass. Opening up this area is so crucial the coming rains are likely to cut off this whole area if nothing is done”, Naa Sienu said and appealed to the district assembly for support to put the road in a good shape before the rains start.

Alhaji Ahmed Mahama Sienu, the chairman of the occasion, called for sustained unity among the Kontosis and their neighbours to help achieve the needed development of the area.

Kantosis across the Upper West Region and other regions including the Ashanti and Upper East Regions as well as Burkina Faso attended the event which was characterised by the rich cultural display of the Kantosis people.

Source: Info Radio

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