Madam Dominica Dassah Complained of A Faulty Wa Assembly Project

Former Education Director for Wa East Education Directorate Madam Dominica Dassah, has on 30th June 2023 passed the night with a neighbor because the rains has flooded all her abode.

Madam Dominica Dassah in an interview with Yirimambo Advocacy group Spearheaded by Atawulahi Ibrahim indicated that she has consistently paid her taxes yet was being exposed to the dangers of flood.

She complained of how the Wa Municipal Assembly has pestered her with taxes on Property rate yet have failed to construct gutters and put mechanisms in place to ensure people do not build on Water Ways.

“Once you file it away it means it’s not of significance to you, meanwhile it’s bothering on somebody’s life, if this building should collapse, I’m a retiree, what do i do?, I cannot get any place to stay again, meanwhile you are on my neck to come and pay property rate every year, this phone, if you see the property rate messages, about 13 from Assembly, I should come and pay property rate, property rate for what I have put up, I put these four rooms to cushion me in my retirement, these are for renting and you are on my neck…”

According to her her Residenc ehas been flooded for the Fourth time since she built he house, she purchase dthat land in the 90s and leased the land in 2002. She continued that the Wa Assembly constructed a road from her Pet Vero guest house to Kpongu residential area and in the process constructed a bridge by her plot.

“..I started reporting to Assembly in 2014, I was asked to go and meet urban roads, I was being tossed around ‘gi to the assembly, go to the Municipal coordinating council’ I wrote letters and sent to all these places yet nothing happened,I got flooded again, I took pictures and wrote a report, added the picturea and wrote to the assembly, this is about three to four years ago and they haven’t done anything. Every year I remind them, even this year, April, I was at the assembly,¬† they told me the are aware of my problem, the bridge is small and they need to construct a bigger bridge but that they have no money so I said if you have no money then make it a point that annually you’ll get the grasses cleared and the rubbish also cleared so that the water can go freely and wouldn’t have to flood me..”

She called on the Assembly to Address her concerns in order to boost he email moral to pay taxes.

Madam Dominica Dassah Retired from Active Service in 2015.


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