Chief Executive Officer of NYA, Mr. Pius Enam Hadzide

The National Youth Authority has indicated that the Wa Youth Resource Center Named BK Adams Youth Resource Center will be completed before 2023.

The CEO explained that there has been a massive change in the scope of work since the conception of the projects and said that that partly explains the seeming delay in the completion of these projects. “These projects are now four stands instead of the initial one, in some cases like in Axim there are now hostel facilities, there are ICT and Counseling Centers, etc.” he said adding that these projects were more than just sporting stadia.

The Wa Youth Resource Center Named after B.K Adama

The CEO said he was acting on the instructions of the Hon Minister and the Governing Board of the NYA to ensure that works on these projects were completed and the facilities put to use before the end of the year. “The Board and the Minister are keen on these projects and would be visiting the sites soon, I therefore had to come to abreast myself with the progress of work and resolve any challenges that our contractors may be facing way ahead. So view my visit as preparatory he said to the contractors.

All Components

The components of the project for the centres include a FIFA standard football pitch; an eight-lane Olympic size running track; four spectator stands including a VIP stand; a tennis court; a multi-purpose court for basketball, volleyball, netball & handball; a gymnasium; a hall for indoor games & activities like table tennis, badminton, draft, ludo, etc.

The centre will also have non-sporting facilities including, mentoring, coaching and counselling sections; ICT hub; business incubation & entrepreneurship hub; a youth clinic; places for convenience and a restaurant.

Other components of the centre at completion will have A Hall of Fame parlour to display local achievers; erection of an outer perimeter and inner perimeter fence walls; entrances & ticketing booths; car park; storm drains; floodlights; scoreboard and spectator seats for the various courts.

Source National Youth Authority

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