Nature of Zingu Road

The heavy downpours yesterday in the night and this morning have left the people of Zingu and its surrounding communities stranded as the road is overtaken by cascading waters.

Visuals of the scene depicts a low-lying bridge being submerged under the water and slimly seen.

Other portions of the road have been washed off and deep gullies dug around the banks and threatening to cut across the road.

For many years now, the road has been of concern and trouble to the people of the area.

They have organized a number of communal labours to fix the road but have yet to find a lasting solution to the problem.

The Assembly Member of the Zingu Electoral Area, Mr Nuhu Abdul-Wahab has led the charge to finding a permanent solution to the road problem and has made several appeals.

His appeals yielded the support of some members of society who supported the project in cash and in kind and a bridge was constructed over the area after the original bridge was washed away by rains some two years ago.

The portion of the road bears large volumes of water collected from adjoining rivers and streams making it susceptible to being washed away.

The construct of a steel bridge might be a long-lasting solution to fix the problem.

Source: Info Radio

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