Lawyer Saeed Abdul Shakur, Principal State Attorney

The Principal State Attorney, Lawyer Saeed Abdul Shakur indicated why he opted for Anaata to stay in Custody, Speaking to Upper West Media Team on Monday 7th August 2023, he gave details that, should Incase Anaata is granted bail, he may be attacked or harmed by some groups of people.

“..I pleaded for Court not to grant him bail because if that happens, he can be attacked by some groups of people, Secondly, when he was notified that Police were after him, he fled, so we believe he can repeat that..”.

Lawyer Shakur Added that the sanctions involved could influence Anaata to Run Away if he is granted bail, he explained that the minimum sentence a suspect gets after being found guilty is 8 Years for Defilement and 25 years maximum, he continued that, if all victims are considered, Anaata could be landing about 100 years in prison and this can push him to run away, a reason they kept him in custody.

The Principal State Attorney added that there are facts to prove that Rashid Anaata committed the acts and will not be left off the hook.

He concluded by urging parents and guardians to come forward, testify and support them with more details.

“..if he is able to defile children of others, bear it in mind that it could be your sister or daughter the next time, he did same thing to 13 girls in 2014, we currently have evidence of 12 girls he defiled, one of the girls he had Carnal knowledge of passed on in 2021 but we aren’t sure if his Defilement was reason behind her death..”


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