Principal for Wa Tech.,
Mr Saaka Adams(Standing)

The Principal of Wa Technical Institute Located in the Upper West Region has explained how important technical education is to the General Public within Wa.

In an Interview with Warris Anaakaa of Home Radio,  he sighted instances where technical school students are independent and job creators even before they graduate from school.

He noted that most workers at the Volta River Authority(VRA),  Fashion Designers and Engineers in the Region are products of Technical Education with some being products of Wa Technical Institute,  he went further to add that lots of parents have observed the development and as a result are rushing for Technical Education.

He concluded that secondary education gives less opportunities detailing that some student who graduated from Nandom Secondary School haven’t got their own work doing.

“I was interviewed by radio mak and I detailed the importance of Technical Education,  people complain that there are no jobs,  today if you go to VRA most the workers there are products of Wa Technical Institute,  Some Workers of Wa-Magazine are products of Wa Technical Institute,  Tailors and Designers in Town are products of Wa Technical institute, yet people attend Nandom Secondary School and have issues with securing employment,  that is why people have now chosen technical Education,  if any Government wants to Succeed with Ghana Beyond Aid Agenda then they have to invest in Technical Education”.

There has been pressure on Management of Wa Technical Institute to Admit more student after the school had exhausted its quota,  the principal Stated that he has admitted 790 students whilst 214 are pleading to be admitted into the School.

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