Parents and guardians at Doodiyiri in the Wa Municipality have appealed for school infrastructure to help improve education in the community.

They said the Primary school at the community lacks good and conducive classroom block, and that the structure presently does not have furniture for pupils to learn.

Speaking in an interview with Info Radio at the community, a resident, Mr Dauda Sina said pupils lie on their stomachs on the bare floor to learn which impedes academic progress.

He noted that in times of rains during the raining season, all the pupils in the school have to move into one classroom because the others are not in good shape.

He said the community has mobilized through communal contributions to build a classroom structure for the school, and that it has gotten to the lentil level but there were no funds to continue swiftly.

Mr Dauda thus appealed to the government and benevolent individuals and organizations to come to their support to enable them complete the structure.

Another resident of the community, Madam Rahinatu Shaibu also told Info Radio that the issue of children having to lie on their stomachs to learn is of great concern to them as parents and guardians.

She related that her children’s school uniforms do not last long because they get stained and faded easily due to the persistent lying on the floor.

She worried that pupils would tend to sleep during lessons as lying down is tantamount to sleeping.

She appealed to the government and other organizations and individuals to come to their aid.

Under SDG 4, the international community has pledged to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all,” and therefore the appeal of the people of Doodiyiri is worthy of paying attention by all.

Education has undoubtedly become the bedrock for the socio-economic development of every nation, thus governments would have made some strides but need to continue to expand and make education accessible to all.

Source: Info Radio

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