The Security Man Was Kidnapped

Anyone with information that would result in the arrest of those responsible for kidnapping the watchman at a sawmill along Nakore road in Wa in the Upper West Region is eligible for a GHC50,000 prize from the police administration.

Home Radio was informed by reliable sources that the police are taking all necessary steps to bring the offenders to justice in accordance with the law.

The aforementioned watchman reported to work on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, but has since vanished despite repeated efforts by his family and employers to his whereabouts.

The Wa Municipality has recently earned recognition as a result of numerous unusual killings that have occurred there. The bodies of the people were discovered dead, but several of their key body parts were missing, increasing the possibility that they had been used in money rituals.

Residents have expressed concern over the situation and anxiety that they could become the next casualties.

Source: Home Radio

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