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Dear Admin, I’m very grateful for this space and opportunity, I was a teacher at Konjiahi Basic School in the Wa Municipality and what I met there was something remarkable I need to share with the Whole of Upper West Region, I’m sure other people have testimonies in their respective fields and the best thing to do is narrate it to you for people to learn from their experiences.

Few years back, 8 Years ago, I taught there and their commitment to supporting school activities was fascinating, any time there is this issue of contribution or donating something for the school to move forward, they come inn, give themselves timelines and agree on some amount of money that can solve the problem, this has made the school one of the remarkable schools in Wa and I think it will be good every school emulates that, the PTA was proactive by then and this has redefined education in the area.

Lots of parents feel because education is labelled free it is free indeed, there are lots of things politicians won’t tell you, for over 5 years now there are no texts books in schools, exams are not conducted for students because government doesn’t want to pay for exam Fees, how can a country’s human resource develop in such a way, so when we see such things as parents we should quickly intervene by making resources available for our children to have the best of support rather than waiting for government, you wouldn’t see any politician’s child in that public school so they don’t care if your child get quality education or not, let’s contribute to help public schools please.

There was a time I saw a man carrying his child on his motorbike to a private school yet told his elder son in a public school to walk to school, such selective treatment, why are you feeling shy to pick your son on a motorbike to the public school, is it because it’s free, if that is the case then it means you are failing to support that public school to be better.

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