Dismissal Note

Over Nineteen workers at the Wa UDS Clinic previously managed by PDC are to be laid off following a take over by the Wa UDS Campus.

The PDC medical Conglomerate previously manned by Prof. Ziem had employed these workers to forsee the day to day activities of the PDC Conglomerate before its take over by the management of Wa UDS Campus. These workers according a source close to the Management of the University, were asked to reapply for these various positions after they had renewed their contract with PDC headed by Prof. Ziem to a duration of 5years beginning 2018 after initially signing a 2 years contract in 2016.

A letter signed by Prof. Amin Alhassan, the Outgoing Principal of Wa UDS was spotted with a message confirming the rescedule of tasks and management roles in the health Facility.

The letter stated that the Finance Department will see a change with Mrs. Mavis Akonor taking over from Mr. Kokoro Roland whilst Mr. Mumuni Abdul-Rahim will be in charge of Administration taking over from Latuo Edina beginning 8th August 2019 adding that they were to take over by Tuesday.

Some of the dissatisfied staff of the Facility suggested a management staff they referred to as Mr. Aziz Assured them of their Job security when they had an encounter recently.

They explained how they were asked to return as voluntary workers after they were given a verbal note to prepare towards leaving the facility after August, highlighting on the point, a disappointed staff suggested it was a way of plotting their sack as the decision by management for them to reapply is not a guarantee to their re-engagement.

They called on Management to issue them Temporary appointment letters whilst they await their permanent engagement letters.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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