Some Shop Owners Worried over Wa Assembly’s Decision to Move their Shops

Some Group of Shop Owners have expressed dismay with the decision by the Wa Municipal Assembly to move their shops from the Hilla Limann High Way.

The Shop located opposite the Wa Municipal Hospital Mortuary have been labelled as shops serving as a barrier on visibility of road users who will have challenges accessing the New building of Care Diagnostic Laboratory situated beside Wa Senior High Technical School.

Seven shop owners spoke to Upperwestmedia Team some include:

Issan Abdulai, Akilu Halitu, Barikisu Iddrisu, Suraya Halitu, Philip and Abdulai Ishmael.

They pleaded for the Wa Municipal Assembly headed by Hon. Issahaku Tahiru Moomin to consider their situation adding that they won’t be able to resettle because they have no where to go.

Issan Abdulai

“We were informed the place is due for operations and as a result we were told to relocate from this place with our container shops, we are up to 20 here and we are family heads, we were given a deadline to relocate and as we speak now the deadline which is 24th June 2022 has elapsed. We have no reliable jobs elsewhere, we are pleading to be given more time to carryout our businesses.”

Another shop owner by name Akilu Halitu also spoke to Upperwestmedia Team.

” The truth of the matter is that we depend on our shops situated here to survive, if we should move our shops it will become a big issue and will go a long way to affect our families, we can’t use weapons to earn a living, this trade is what we know and we are optimistic the Wa Municipal Assembly headed by Hon. Issahaku Tahiru Moomin can help us out, it won’t be easy moving these container shops, dismantling them will distroy them and go a long way to collapse our trade”.

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