Wa West District Assembly

The Assembly Member for Sigri Electoral Area in the Wa West District, Mr Yussif Zimbe Badia has refuted claims by residents of Kyietanga in the area that he does not visit the community.

The residents told Info Radio at the community that the Assembly Member does not come to the community or pick up their phone calls to listen to their concerns.

However, Mr Badia dispelled the allegations and cited that he has been in the community on a number of occasions citing the case of a girl-child education advocacy campaign at Kyietanga he facilitated.

Speaking on Info Radio’s late afternoon show, Ti Zine Yiri Yele, he said the claims are baseless without any iota of truth and borne out of dishonesty.

He further proved he has been in the community on an agricultural project being undertaken by the German Development Corporation (GIZ) in the community, saying that the project is still on course and a meeting in connection to it would be held in days.

He told Info Radio that the first meeting under the project was held at the house premises of one of those who accused him.

He added that he had led a team of geo-hydrologists to sink a borehole in the community.

He could not fathom why upon all the activities and interventions he facilitated and participated in in the community, he is still accused of not visiting there.

He said what he would not do is conform to people’s personal interest over the community’s interest, as he suspected that to be the reason behind the accusation.

Source: Info Radio

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