Interior Minister urges calm in Wa after violent protest

The Interior Minister has implored residents of Wa municipality in the Upper West Region to respect the laws of the land after a Saturday protest over the shooting of a teacher turned violent.Ambrose Dery said if tempers are not brought under control there could be damage to lives and properties in the municipality.Some residents of Wa went on the rampage, pelting stones and blocking roads following the shooting of a teacher, Ali Rashid by a policeman.The teacher is reported to have been shot after he failed to hand over the key to his unlicensed motorbike to a team of police officers.                                                                                                            In protest, Mr Rashid’s colleagues set fire on used lorry tyres and smashed the screens of a vehicle belonging to the Tamale Airborne Force detachment based in Wa.Interacting with Joy News minutes after visiting the victims at the hospital Mr Dery said government will not condoned citizens who take the law into their own hands.”Every citizen has rights and responsibilities to respect the law in every situation,” he said, adding any whose rights have been violated need to resort to the due process in addressing it.He called on the police and residents to learn to live together in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.                                                                                                       –      Source:


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