Wa Police Patrol Team Disrupt ‘Bolga Meets Wa’ Event

Wa in-service Training center was hijacked on Friday 30th June when police officers on night duty stormed the yard and started taking unregistered bikes to the police station as part of their duty.

This action met harsh responds from people around. Victims who came out after could not find their motorbikes and at a point thought thieves came for  the bikes later to be told by eye witnesses the police came for the motorbikes without their (victims) notice.

One of the event attenders upperwestmedia.net interviewed by name Zakaria Iddrisu said “We are not happy with their attitude, at a point i thought my motorbike was stolen because i wasn’t informed before my motorbike was taken away, this is a criminal act, if this will continue to happen then we will have no option than to stop attending such events, Organizers should come inn, we are not comfortable”

This issue reduced the patronage of the event as most young men who witnessed this went away.

Credit: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/Upperwestmedia.net



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