Creation of New Districts, Constituency in Wa West a Subject for Debate – Akuffo Addo

The paramount chief of Dorimon Traditional Area, Naa Sohimwininye Danaa Gore II has appealed for creation of a new district and constituency out of the already existing Wa-West District.
Naa Sohimwininye made this appeal to the president, Nana Addo at commissioning ceremony of Wa water project at Jambusi in the Wa-West District of the Upper West region as part of a two day working visit by the Pre sident to each region of the three regions of the north, starting from the Upper West region last week.
But the President, Nana Dankwa Akufo, in his response is not clear with answers to the request. He subjects both requests to conditionality of resource availability at any point in time. He however said he would work to enhance infrastructural development of the area and also act upon the concerns raised.
He said all the issues raised by the chief were of great concern to him and that the fulfillment of the requests depends on the availability of funds since according to him, “he is not a lucky child and his father did not leave anything for him to inherit” to which he inherited an empty public purse.
The Chief said creation of a new district and constituency in the area would enable the people of the Dorimon area have a fair share of the national cake as most government projects in his view are situated at Wicheau.
At Jambusi, Naa Gore noted that the Wa West District was too large and therefore needs to be divided into two districts to ensure the rapid development.
He further appealed to the new government to work assiduously to complete the Community Day Senior High School (E-Block) project in the District which was started under the Mahama administration to enable students to access the Free Senior High School Policy.
He expressed pity over the deplorable nature of the roads in the district and called for urgent action by government.
The traditional ruler also mentioned that the construction of a bridge across the Black Volta will aid the free movement of people into neighboring Burkina Faso and therefore puts it before the government for consideration.

Credit: Bamie Ahmed


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