We haven’t lost control of Ghana’s security – Ambrose Dery

The Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery, has indicated that the state has not lost control of the country’s security situation, following the recent killing of a police officer at the Kwabenya District Police Headquarters and other incidents.
A gang of suspected armed robbers on Sunday dawn attacked the Kwabenya District Police Headquarters, which accommodates the Kwabenya Police Station, killing an officer on duty, and freeing seven cell inmates.
Following the incident, many have questioned the quality of the country’s security, as the police station in question lacked a basic equipment such as a Closed Circuit Television, CCTV.
Many have largely blamed inadequate resource and logistics for the inability of the police to provide the needed security.

Briefing the media after a five-hour crucial meeting between Parliament’s Defence and Interior Committee, the Police Command led by the IGP and other government officials, Mr. Dery said these recent developments do not in anyway suggest that government has lost its grip over the security situation in the country.
“There are challenges with our security and we will deal with it. Has government lost control over security ?No. Can we do better? Yes…And we are going to work together to deal with the issue” he said.
Mr. Dery also pointed out that, government will apprehend suspects involved in the Kwabenya incident, saying “the Police are on top of it. They are investigating it. They are making progress. We believe we will get back the people who have perpetrated it and we will deal with it.”
“I believe we need to confront the situation. How can we make it better. We have to work together and see how several ministries can come together. We need to deal with it. We have to get a sustainable way of dealing with it,” he added.



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