Daffiamah: Politicians urged to adopt decent communication in campaigning

The Paramount Chief of the Daffiama Traditional Area, Naa Dikomwine Domalae, has asked politicians to be tolerant, circumspect and decent in their political communications to promote peace, unity and development.

Some politicians engage their opponents in unbridled insults, derogatory language and pass slanderous remarks, he said, all in the name of freedom of speech, regardless of the consequences in the society.

The Chief was addressing a large gathering at Daffiama in the Upper West Region during the celebration of the 11th edition of the Duuyee festival organised on the theme: “Our culture, our heritage, the bedrock for national development“.

Past Presidents, he said, were not spared for using indecent language against their opponents, stressing that, in recent years young politicians launch unwarranted attacks and insults against their opponents.

“This situation is even more alarming, where the youth of today are party to this trend and relish insults in the name of politics,” Naa Domalae said. He urged political leaders to educate their followers, particularly their younger colleagues on civic responsibilities and the rich cultural values and virtues, which was “rapidly disappearing” in society.

The appealed for a police station for the town and its environs as well as police check points in Daffiama and nearby communities to combat armed robbery. He commended government for the creation of additional regions, the successful implementation of the planting for food and jobs programme, as well as elevating the Wa Campus of the University for Development Studies into an autonomous higher institution of learning.

The Upper West Regional Minister, Alhaji Sulemana Alhanssan, assured residents of Daffiama and Kajikpere communities that their health centres would be elevated into polyclinic status. He said work had already been completed for the elevation to come to fruition in 2019.

The Minister said a team of Road Engineers had visited the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa District to ascertain the deplorable nature of the roads. Construction works on news roads and rehabilitation would commence in 2019, he added, and urged the youth to take advantage of government intervention programmes, such as the planting for food and jobs and the free education, among others to empower themselves.

The MP for Daffiama-Busie-Issa, Dr Sebastian Ngmenenso Sandaare was unhappy steps had not been taken to improve the road network in the area. The District Chief Executive for the area, Mr Imoro Sandi entreated residents of Daffiama-Bussie-Issa District to construct latrines in their homes to push the District to attain Open Defecation Free (ODF) status.

There are 105 communities in the District and out of that, 64 had so far attained ODF status whilst the remaining 41 are working towards attaining it.

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