Wa Suntaa SC Midfielder Abdulai Samad Alonso Wants To Make Wa Park Fortress

Inspirational Wa Suntaa SC midfielder Abdulai Samad Alonso has cautioned clubs heading to the Malik Jabir in the GFA Special Competition to forget about the points at stake heading into their Sunday’s clash with Kintampo United FC.

Midfielder Samad Alonso(Center)

The versatile midfield gem enjoyed a sparkling campaign in their truncated 2018 National Division one league and has now tipped his side to record a 100 percent win rate on soil.

Known as Alonso in the football circles because of his unique passing accuracy from deep midfield role, the ambidextrous enforcer remains one of the brightest spots in the new looking Suntaa SC as they bid to fill the left by Wa All Stars FC.

In an exclusive interview with 442gh.com ahead of the Sunday’s opening game at home to Kimtampo United FC, Abdulai Samad rallied for regional support and assured the teaming fan base of a resounding victory.

“The master plan is to record clean slate home wins and secure qualifications with some priceless wins on the road. With the squad depth and hunger for success, clubs visiting the Wa Park should just forget about the points and play to keep their match fitness. We want to make the Wa Park a fortress and rejuvenate the love for the game in the region at large”, Samad told 442gh.com.
The talented midfield jewel powered Suntaa SC into securing a vital point in their last meeting in Kintampo and will be relied upon as the man to tame the visitors in Wa.

Suntaa SC remains the only club to represent Upper West in the GFA Special Competition with Wa All Stars FC changing ownership and home venues as such.

By: Saani Abacha

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