U/W Music: “O.Jay is a ‘Junky’ he can’t be my Godfather” – Punchez [Audio]

Punchez [Left], O Jay [Right]

An upcoming artiste within the upper west music setting by name Malik Abdul-Razak and with stage name Punchez has referred to O.Jay Tinz as a Junky(Gringa) in Waali.

This came after he suggested O.Jay betrayed him by excluding him from his Gandaw Album Launch set to take place day after the Sallah Festive season.

He denied being brought to lime light by O Jay and added the Wiz Malik is his God Father. Punchez added that he is close friend to snipper and that people should forget rumors circulating to suggest otherwise.

He concluded that O.Jay had something against him after  regarding him as a mentor. Punchez specified in an audio that he was featured in O.Jay’s album during the Easter season but was later snubbed by The same O.Jay whom he expected much from during this season.

Punchez has released songs like My Lover, Spoil there and who are those.

[Download Audio]

By: U/W Music/Upperwestmedia.net

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