Wa West: “Nyoli Senior High School: It’s About Time” – Residents to DCE

Wa West DCE with other Lobis

Residents of Nyoli, a community in Wa West have called for a senior high school in the area.
According to them most of them have to travel as far as Wa, Nadowli, Lassie, Tumu, Nandom to Attain higher education which is quit expensive per their standard of living.

They emphasized on the fact that they have to pay lorry fares regularly, travel to know how their ward is fairing which requires time and resources they don’t have to to farming and rearing to support the family, this according to them have compelled students of high school going age to resort to farming and trade instead of schooling as transportation, monitoring and supervision by parents will be a problem.

Adding up to the point, they suggested there are several communities surrounding Nyoli which can benefit from such an initiative, they mentioned communities like Samanbo, Ga, Nyoli, Ponyentanga, Naahaa, Woukuraa, Kunkyileyiri as part of the beneficiaries.

They concluded by saying it will also create job and business opportunities advocating that the DCE, Mr. Edward Laabiir and political parties should add it to their campaign proposals and plans.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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