U/W: Men who brag about ‘removing’ chop money, paying School fees are Liars – Report

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A group of women within Upper West have rubbished claims that their husbands are up to task.

Speaking to Upperwestmedia Team they suggested some husbands are just opportunists who go in for rich women instead of facing their responsibilities.

Throwing more light on the issue, they added that men who brag about spending on their women, removing more money for upkeeps, paying school fees etc are liars explaining that such men only say that to over come the guilt associated with being irresponsible. They continued by saying they the women fend for the house, pay bills, school fees of children, cook and these men come to eat, roam freely without questioning the source of the money, they emphasized that they will continue to take gifts and favors from other men if their husbands keep on lazying about yet expect their children to respect them.

“women aren’t selfish, we only get bothered when we are managing to cater for the family with little resources yet our husbands go about throwing money on girls outside, yet come home complaining when its time to be responsible, Miss Vida Sabogu Said.

Individual Response:

Sheriffa (Translated): My husband after marriage stopped providing I have to go back to my mother a petty trader, his in-law to beg for foodstuffs to prepare food for the family. He gives me Ghc5 to prepare food and I wonder what we will prepare with such an amount.

Halilii(Translated from Sissali) : Its sad to remember the agony I go through, I’m not ashamed to say it, at least others will know their situation is either better or worse, What my husband tells people outside is different from what is done, he usually tells people how he fends for the family pays fees and yet I use the money I make from trading to feed the family, buy clothes for the kids meanwhile when its time for sex he keeps reminding me of how he paid bride price. Its actually sad.

Joyce: My experience in marriage is certainly not the worse, but I think being responsible has a key role to play In marriage not just bride price and that’s all. Our silence has made us slaves than humans.

Mariyama: We have become the heads because some of these men are boys not men, they don’t have sometimes and we understand but when they get they end outside chasing girls without any good intention yet call for sympathy.

Nobanie: I know men are not money machines but sometimes their attitude demands no pity, when they have nothing they become humble and plan on what to do but immediately they get something small they run after girls and drinks, is it a spiritual issue or influence of friends? She quizzed.

Salamatu: Any man preaching about being responsible, spending much on family, paying fees etc is only trying to cover up his mess. Real men Act they don’t talk to get attention.

Men Contributed to This

A number of men had something to say about the ongoing issue.

Tahiru: our women don’t admit they are from a deprived background, they always want to show off and by this demand too much to meet current trends so who is to blame?

Moses: I’m surprised none at least acknowledged her husband but rather the pessimistic comments, when you do good people never talk of it.

Saeed: Women are what you make them, if you pampered her outside and expect to squeeze her when you are inside certainly there will be a problem so let’s be real outside before we get inn.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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