Upper West NDC’s Press Release Empty [Article]


It is now clear that ,the National Democratic Congress in the UWR lacks focused and direction.
If the president calls for active citizenship,but not this glaring incompetence exibited by the communication directorate of the NDC.

If you sought to attacking personalities of the Service ,then turn to say you want your grievances to be heard,I see gross disrespect and hatred the NDC has for some officers in the Health service.

To set the records straight,the brouhaha of the hospital didn’t start today.Far back early 2016,same hospital staff internally agitated for the removal of Dr Banabas Gandau.Reasons simply were that,he was disrespectful,authocratic and physically assaults staff.That even led to some staff in the hospital to go on air to debunk some of these allegations.But to my dismay,the general public in totality were aggrieved and phone in was very negative towards this past medical director.

It is also surprising and ignorant to compare certain figures when you virtually have NO knowledge in those figures.
PENTA is one of the childhood antigens given to children age 6 ,10,14 weeks respectively.

If these was on the ascendancy in the Hospital,did you care to ask why the decrease now.The logical comprehension here is that,there are now so many CHPS compounds in town,one might decide to go to any for immunization services either than the hospital.Same with the others as stated by my good brother,Prosper.It is also laughable when you say,Dr Afreh,the New regional Director is inexperienced and cannot handle the position he is currently occupying with the wrong assertion that he is disrespectful and authocratic.Personally ,I think my good friends from the ndc are oblivious and should extend an apology to this young man.Yes,he might be very young,but experience isn’t age.Prosper who is the communication’s officer of the NDC came from the communication s team to lead the ndc not as communications officer and it is assumed he is doing well.

Dr Afreh came in as a regional director with a lot of experiences and principles.It is sad to see a lot of negative things said about this man who is putting measures in place to curb the already broken health system we have in the region.

Surprisingly,my good friend , prosper says that,the newly posted nurses who sat in the house from 2015 are to pay a sum of 100 cedis to Dr Afreh before their biometric registration could be done.Hmm,far below the belt and should be ignored with all respect.Was any personal account given to these new nurses to pay in.Or was it categorically stated for them to pay to Dr Afreh.The NDC must come again and do more meaningful research.Fact is that,these nurses were to travel to Accra for their biometric registration which your government couldn’t do.And we all know the fare from Wa to Accra.200.00 cedis in and out, excluding feeding, possibly accommodation etc.

If the Service could lobby for the Team to come and have them registered in Wa for 50 cedis,what is wrong with this.
Even the GRNMA that finally arranged for the coming of these personnel made them pay same 50 cedis.

The NDC must come again with more responsible facts.
The problem with the NDC as a party in the region is that,they have meddled Health with politics for far too long and “conscious hunt” is now killing them.
Health in the region will see the optimum best and the government is well focused and determined to give quality health service to indigenes and beyond.


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