Motorbike ‘Number Plate’ not Ghc350 – DVLA

Motorbike Plates Cost Ghc156 according to the Finance Department of DVLA

The Upper West Division of Driver and Vehicle License Authority has refuted claims that a motorbike number or registration plate costs Ghc350.

According to the Authority, this price is being speculated by ‘goro boys’ who are desperate to make ends meet and by so doing dent the image of the Authority.

They admitted these ‘Goro boys’ offer motor buyers the change to help them and by so doing extort money from them advising that the proper way to get your motorbike registered is to visit the authority by yourself rather than seeking easy ways to get things done.

They stated that the actual price to get a motorbike number per documents is Ghc156.00 cautioning the public to be careful.

The Authority stated the need to be vigilant and also for the public to make regular enquires with the authority rather than listening and taking what ever the public says.

They urged new bike owners to get their bikes registered to avoid the wrath of the Police and other authorities involved.

Requirements for registration

1. Original Documents of bike
2. National/Voters ID
3.2 passport Photos(White Background)
4. Change of Ownership Witness(Your Motorbike Dealer).


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