5 Things People in Upper West Should Change in 2020

Wa in Upper West

Several things have come our way and several experiences have followed. Are the people of upper west ready to embrace the positive change as we land into 2020?

Wa and its surroundings have become stiffened not by magic but by our own actions and inactions.

We can only get back to the best if we are well organized and willing to unmask the old mask.

1. Relationship Spree.

Being in a relationship has more to do than planning to hit the red spot and run as a man, women in the other hand also target the cash account spot as it has to do with tit for tat. Most women have now convinced themselves that men are inn to have a night stand with them and exit and by this perception they have decided to bill men as a replica.

These women keep demanding and putting men in burden till men will begin to show signs of change and commitment. Women can manage the little they get, they don’t just want a situation where by they’ll manage with the little you give them with explanations whilst you lavish with other girls outside in the name of putting some girls in your sexual-parner list. Most of these women in upper West are competing amongst themselves some want to change their motorbikes, others their wordropes, some want marriage, others want to renew their rent. In all I have mentioned, men will easily renew a room rent of a girl than the rest so these women ensure they get to rent a standard place, engage a number of men(at least 5) in a night stand within the room they’ve rented, they’ll later tell all these men in different occasions to help them renew their room rent, this money comes together and in the end is used by these girls to secure plots of land and new motorbikes whilst a group of pathetic men lavish in poverty thinking they have an individual girlfriend they are investing inn.

Focus on your wife and family at home or better still marry rather than thinking you’ll have it easy with a side girl. They’ll make you a burden to your family. Let’s give women what they need (Training, Education, business ideas, marriage and counseling) rather than what they want(gifts, money, sex, pleasurable lies etc) this makes them bitter and dishonest in the long round.
Abstaining from regular sex is an act of discipline, just like you can fast and keep away from food its same way you can fast and keep away from sex, if you can’t, marry another woman or better still Masturbate(go to google for the meaning).

2. Always talking about people.

When people have nothing doing, they tend to discuss people as their next line of action. Discussing about people doesn’t make you a saint neither does it kill them, it only defines the weakness in you and making people careful never to let you know much about them.

Talking ill of people has become common in Sections of Upper West and the believers have reduced themselves to being shallow to taking opinions of people about others and acting with those opinions.
The attitude of people depends on the people they are dealing with.

When people tell you about others, don’t conclude with that, ensure to encounter with the people they talk to you about to clarify rumors. This single attitude has brought so much of disunity and enmity amongst people who have done nothing to each other, such people were deceived by gossips. Jing ban bakyi yelang, ta nye bi be.

3. Adultry: this single attitude has broken so many homes in sections of upper west, some women are deceived into sexual acts by their ex boyfriends and some men they meet, this single action doesn’t have more of a physical effect, the effect is spiritual, it comes along with challenges of bad luck, misfortunes in life, spiritual health problems without cure and spells that attack victims without treatment or solutions, let’s be careful with wives of others.

4. Inflation to Make Quick Money: Most businesses in Wa and businessmen tend to increase prices of goods and services not because circumstances demand but because they are eager to make huge profits in a short time, most business men including boutique owners balloon cost of clothes they buy at a cheap price because they perceive fashion should be expensive, people buy clothes as low as Ghc10 in Kumasi and sell them as high as Ghc120 in Wa because they believe fashion should be expensive, this has reduced confidence in local businesses prompting for people within upper west to impose confidence in strangers, this has collapsed so many local businesses, a motorbike plate has been confirmed to be Ghc170 at the DVLA in Wa, some group of people have increased the cost to Ghc350, this attitude has also reduced the confidence imposed in upper west business.

Other instances are the high cost of motorbikes not because of foreign exchange factors or taxes but because of demand, this happens more in upper West.

5. Marrying Because its Cheap: Some men marry more women because of their libido and because its cheap not considering the consequences of it.

Before marriage one should ensure you have a reliable source of income to cater for your responsibilities, some men leave the tasks to their wives because such women were desperate for marriage and wouldn’t want to leave, most women in the home pay bills and feed the family whilst their men go about chasing after girls outside, such men even to an extend plan on adding extra women when actually they can’t cater for the one they have already, these men target rich women they can be depending on.

This attitude doesn’t speak well of men and in the end reduce their respect in the presence of their children who see them to be irresponsible, some heads of the family don’t get bothered when their children leave home and don’t return, they prefer going after missing animals than kids. This has to stop in 2020.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

One thought on “5 Things People in Upper West Should Change in 2020

  1. this article is limiting to the regional capital I thought it would say something more than what we seeing today. example is road expansion, opening of new road in the capitals to avoid future problems of demolition, I think these are things that can also help us in the region


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