The ‘Sorry’ State of Nuriya Islamic School in Wa Municipality; Calls For Support

Nuriya Islamic Basic School, Wa

Nuriya Islamic Basic School in the Wa Municipality has faced infrastructure deficit for over 8years and teachers with their students have become endangered in the classrooms they study inn.

A school built in the early 70’s of the 20th Century hosts over 400 Basic School Students beginning from Primary One to Six.

Nuriya Primary School

Windows of the School have been ripped off and parts of the schools roofing has also been carried away by natural disasters and social vices within the Dankpalihi residential area. Furniture for Students, teaching and learning materials according some teachers are being stolen on daily basis because the classrooms are insecure and can easily be accessed by invaders.

Classes have to come to a halt when its rains during Summer and this has affected teaching and learning in the School According to some teachers in the School who requested for anonymity.

Nuriya Primary School

They called on Non profit Organizations, Past Students, Government and Concerned people to come to their aid.


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