Letter To ‘Mr President’ Nana Addo; Topie Suleman Writes

President Akufo-Addo in Upper West

Hello Mr President and welcome to the the Upper West Region of Ghana.
Thank you for the sod cutting of the 17 MW Solar power project at Kaleo in the Upper West Region. Let me say thank you for the good move and may this project be timely completed to benefit the good people of the upper wesr region.

I would also commend you for the Youth Recreational Centre project at Wa which is under construction. The project when completed will definitely benefit the good people of Wa and the region at large.

He who much is given, much is definitely expected. Mr President, the NPP upper West Region, delivered to you 5 seats which is unprecedented. One would expected that much attention would be given to the region in terms of development but this seem to be the opposite.

Mr President, the fanfare that was organised to rename Wa Polytechnic is still fresh in our minds. After that fanfare, nothing has been added to that school. Similarly , there was another public declaration and renaming of Wa UDS of which you have gone to sleep on the matter. This isn’t surprising though because the Upper West Regional Hospital and Wa Airpot also suffered similar fate under your watch. This makes people like me wonder whether you really appreciated the hard works of Chairman Short, Ambrose Dery, Hon Hafiz Bin Salih and a host of others who were and ares still instrumental in the forward match of the party in the region. The distribution of the nation’s resources has not be fairly done to the good people of the region under your watch. Your 1V1D, 1D1F, etc campaign promise is a mirage in the region.

Mr President, I read a letter emanating from your office directing the Office of the Special Prosecutor to investigate the Airbus $5Million bribery saga involving faceless intermediary 5 and Government Official 1. I was so amazed to heard this from your office. Not long ago when similar or even worst cases like this came and you were called to take action, you said appropriate state institutions has the mandate to do their job without political interference. What has change, mr President.? Or the state institutions no longer has the powers to act unless authorised? This and many other questions makes me wonder the real motive of this move for an investigation.
Come to think of it, Mr President, the over 500 excavators that just vanished into thin air dont deserve to be investigated.? The money lost in this failed Galamsey fight by Govt including the cost of the missing 500 excavators is far far more than the amount involve in the Airbus saga, hence you chose to investigate the latter. In any case you put your presidency on the line for this fight and I can assure you that my 5 year old child knows how miserably you failed in this battle.

Another case of concern is the nepotistic tax waiver of ghc134 million($24million) you gave to your in law. This is so stinking that you want to divert attention by calling for a probe into the Airbus saga.

Mr President, did you hear of the 400 tricycles belonging to NDA have earlier disappeared in northern region? Hmmm. After the 400 tricycles developed wings and flewed, then 500 excavators also joined. What a Ghana we live in, Mr President!

Mr President, my conscience will not let me go if i failed to remind you of the corrupt cases of your own appointees which you directly interfere and ended up clearing them, an action that has crown you the CLEARING AGENT tag. These scandals include but not limited to;

1. Alfred Obeng (BOST scandal)
2. Ken Ofori-Atta (KenBond scandal)
3. Pious Hadzide (Australia Visa Fraud scandal) – Cleared and reappointed
4. Charles Bissue (Galamsey Fraud scandal)
5. Shirley Ayorkor Botchway (Oslogate)
6. Kwame Owusu: (Ghana Maritime Authority scandal)
7. Kofi Osei Ameyaw: (NLA scandal)
8. Eric Twum: (GEPA scandal): cleared and reappointed.
9. Afoley Quaye (Premix fuel diversion scandal)
10. Frances Essiam (GCMC scandal)
11. Tiwaa Addo Danquah (APlus secret tape saga): Cleared and promoted
12. Abu Jinapor Samuel and Asenso Boakye (20,000 dollars gate fee saga): cleared
13. Carlos Ahinkora (Cash for Seats): Cleared
14. Ursula Owusu and George Andah (Kelni GVG scandal): cleared.
16. Asoma Cheremeh (7 corruption allegations by Abronye against him): Cleared.
17. Hawa Koomson: (800k for website scandal): Cleared
18. Kwadwo Baah Agyemang (Board Chairman of National Sports Authority) – Australia Visa Fraud Scandal, Cleared and reinstated
19. President Akufo-Addo (Ameri/Mytelinous Novation $800m bloated Contract)

Mr President, before I pen down, let me state that my position on the New Voters Register is No. The actions and posturing of the EC commissioners has the tendency to jeopardise the peace and harmony we are currently enjoying. The Commission has not been able to convince us why its that urgent to compile an entirely new register. If the the BVDs are obsolete, replace them. Afterall it’s the same EC that said the register is creditable but maintained its overstretched.? Taking ghost names out of a register cannot mean going for a new register. Recently at IPAC meeting, the EC said the register will be ready by mid November, two days later, they saying again the register will be ready by October. Which is which?

Have a wonderful experience in Upper West Region, Mr President.
Thank for your time.

Toppie A Suleiman

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