Youth of Upper West dwelling in Political Activism worrying – Researcher

Mr. Tahiru Lukeman, CEO of Ideapath Consult

The CEO of Ideapath Consult Tahiru Lukman has expressed concerned over the Youth of Upper West becoming more politically inclined than the prioritizing the spirit for our beloved region in terms of fighting for the socio- economic development of the Upper West Region.

He spoke to in a private chart. See full statement.
‘It look as if the only thing the youth does is to either attach each other on social media or giving out silly praise to political actor’s who have done nothing to influence the positive course of our region. Political activism is not necessarily bad, however, the danger of seeing politics as a full time occasions is a worrying trend. We must reorient ourselves as young people and engage political discourse as a contest of ideas.

Why do we become so much obsessed with politics as young people in the Upper West Region, while the region is popular as been tagged as the most impoverished. Before we continue as young people to sacrifice our talent, let asked ourselves these salient questions; those who have motorcycle crushed and died during political rallies who takes care of their family? What of the injured? Where are the families of the politician in the campaign trail?
It is a pity that, our educational system doesn’t offer critical thinking anymore, as young people do not understand the true meaning of education and politics in our West Region in particular.

The only way our region can be reposition for greater  height is when we the youth stop being slaves to politician and built our capacity to securing our future. While out age mate’s elsewhere are president and prime ministers, we only get the opportunity to guard – sit in party office’s as youth. Upper West must rise.

Author: Tahiru Lukman
Tel: 0209154057

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