COVID-19 in Wa: Foreigner troop inn through Ghana’s ‘Loose’ Borders Amidst fear of Coronavirus spread

Foreigners Coming Into Wa Amidst fear of Coronavirus Spread

Some citizens of Nearby countries in West African countries including Niger, Burkina Faso have been spotted alighting from a vehicle returning from Leo in Burkina faso.

This suggests ECOWAS Protocols being Observed though borders are expected to be closed to foreigners entering the country.

These men with their bags hanged on their shoulders and heading toward Sukpayiri, Zongo and its surrounding environments were spotted by concerned citizens at the Wa main traffic standpoint in the heart of Wa, Suggesting to Upperwestmedia Team they could spread the Virus if not quarantined to determine their health status.

The coronavirus scare in Wa has become critical as a 42year old man was diagnosed with the Virus.

The Victim was reported to have traveled from Italy through to Egypt before entering the country where he made his way into the Upper West region with the Virus.


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