Nadowli: Public Roar over Sad State of ‘One Week Old’ Kaleo-Takpo Road

Public Outcry over Alleged Poor State of Kaleo-Sankana-Takpo Road

Several natives and residents within Sankana-Takpo complained of how terrible a newly constructed road linking Kaleo-Sankana-Takpo has become, a week after construction.

Some noted personalities including a broadcast journalist with Radio Progress, Mr. Alexis Anzagira have bemoaned the pathetic work done so far on the road advocating for people in authority to intervene in order to prevent waste of scarce state resources.

Several others applauded the Assembly and Government for the Work done so far but admonished that the work is done well in order not to dent the image of the government.

The Kaleo-Sankana-Takpo road is a 14.4 Kilometers road that links over 5 Communities. The road has beenbin the wish list of residents for a decade.


One thought on “Nadowli: Public Roar over Sad State of ‘One Week Old’ Kaleo-Takpo Road

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