Wa: Bridge to Link Mangu-Dobile Being Constructed

Bridge to be Constructed to Link Mangu-Dobile Areas

The Construction of a new bridge is underway to connect Mangu and Dobile communities in the Wa Municipality in the Upper West Region.

That area during raining seasons makes it very difficult for residents to cross either to Mangu or Dobile.
The very spot the bridge is to be sited is a water logged area where most rain water collected in the heart of the Municipality flow through a large controlled drain and disperse off when it gets to Mangu where the drain ends.

This leaves large deposit of water flooding the whole area making it difficult crossing from one end to the other during the raining seasons.

We understand the project is the Wa Municipal Assembly’s funded project in fulfilment of the Assembly creating more access routes in the Municipality.

The project is awarded hoping to be completed anytime soon to ease the difficulty crossing between the two communities; Mangu and Dobile which is long cried for by residents over decades.

The project when complete will serve as a relief to residents in that area.
Today is the third day the contractor is on site with other operatives working to see to it that the assembly’s plan is executed







By: Upperwestmedia.net

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