Hand washing Prevents CSM – Upper West Director of Health

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The Upper Regional Director of Ghana Health Service, Dr. Osei Kuffuor Afreh has called on Residents of CSM prone areas including Daffiamah, Jirapa, Nadowli, Lawra, Tumu to wash their hand frequently to prevent contracting the virus.

The Director in a Statement on Citi TV monitored by Upperwestmedia Team, admitted the situation was being Managed to the fullest.


“We should adhere to the Preventive Measures, the cough Etiquette and everything that we are preaching, the hand washing people are not practicing it as expected because those interventions also help in prevention of the spread of Meningitis so if meningitis is spreading then there is something wrong somewhere ”

CSM has Killed 43 people in Upper West within a period of 3 months.

Who is at risk for meningitis?

Meningitis is almost always caused by a bacterial or viral infection that begins somewhere else in your body, like your ears, sinuses, or throat.

Its prone in areas prone to heat ranging from a temperature of 35-40 Degrees Celcius and also caused by insufficient water in the system.

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