Marriage in My Part of the World – Princess Zaato Writes

Some Elders Doing the Counting

Growing up was fun. I witnessed a lot of traditional marriages, some of my cousins and aunties bride price were paid with cowries. Which is considered as an expensive woman. The cowries are normally carried in 3 big local basket. Or 3 cocoa sacks the amount of money used in marrying a cowries woman cow be used to marry 3 or 4 woman normal bride price.

I’m a Dagoa. And in my culture the normal bride ranges between 400 cediz to 800 cedis.
I knew my bride will be paid in cowries because my uncle told me years ago. But 2013 when I was getting married he told me. He doesn’t want to collect my bride in cowries because the man I was getting married to then wasn’t from my place and doesn’t understand our culture. If he collect the bride price in cowries the may think he is greedy or he is selling me to them and will stand on that to maltreat me.
My bride was 400 Ghana cedis.

The amount my ex husband paid. According to my tradition if the marriage doesn’t work you come back to your father’s house and stay if you get married again your formal husband will Come back for his money. Because of this reason a lot of villages now allow their daughters pride price. to be paid in cedis even if the girl’s bride price is to be paid in cowries with the fear that if that marriage doesn’t work it will be difficult to get a husband because if the new husband is not rich or doesn’t come from a rich home the man might not get the cowries which is supposed to be returned to the former husband.
The part where I hate about my tradition is that
If the woman have children with the man and the marriage does not work the children are for the husband and he will still collect his money he used in dowrying the woman ,if they even stay for over 20 years the woman will get nothing as compensation from the former husband ,if the woman has children after divorce and was not married to the man who impregnated her the children are for the former husband. If she dies without remarrying again the former husband will come and take the body home and perform the funeral rites.
Years ago I spoke with my uncle Abraham about this issue and his answer was It is something I came to meet I can’t Change it because when it even comes to bride price issue the least mistake you make you can die.
So maybe the next generation might change it years to come .he can’t do anything about it even though he knows it is not the best practice.
Your family or father can’t spend your bride price money because it is the responsibility of the father to marry for his son. Meaning the bride price money of the daughter’s are used in marrying for the son’s. What my village practice might be different from another village
This is the best of my knowledge suggestions are welcome.

Filed by: Princess Zaato

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