Nadowli: Six Burkinabes busted for entering Ghana illegally

Illegal Immigrants

Six Burkina Faso nationals have been apprehended by the Immigration Patrol Team with the support of police personnel on duty at the Nadowli police checkpoint.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the six ECOWAS nationals comprised of four males and two females and their ages ranged from 2 and 55.

They all entered into Ghana through unapproved routes. They hired a minibus with registration number BA 2761-14 with the intent of using an alternative route to Wa in order to swerve the immigration officials on duty at the Babile inland checkpoint.

Upon a tip-off, the patrol team chased the minibus and intercepted it with the ECOWAS nationals at a police checkpoint.

They were screened by the health personnel and subsequently sent to the Hamile sector command where they were handed over to the Burkina Faso authorities on the other side of the border.

Source: Kasapa FM

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