Sissala West Becoming a Desert – Report

Sissala West Rapidly Loosing Trees

Graphics captured by the Gbelle Game Reserve Drone from an altitude over 1000 meters has displayed an aeriel view of the District with fewer trees compared to 4years ago.

The Trees sighted on the geographical area could easily be counted without mincing words.

Many have attributed it to the felling of trees as a result of  commercial purposes including burning of Charcoal.

Over 4 long trucks carry charcoal from the District Daily making it at least 28 trucks in a week. Each truck carries at least 350 bags of Charcoal which is transported to the southernmost part of Ghana for sale.

The only common occupation in Sissala West in Farming which is a seasonal occupation. Most women after farming resort to charcoal burning which is deemed lucrative in the District.

Gbelle Game Reserve stretches into Sissala West which was a decade ago a forest stretch. Same can’t be said after a decade.
The Sissala West District was carved out of the then Sissala District in 2004 by the Legislative Instrument, LI 1771. The 2010 PHC revealed that the district has a total population of 49,573, with 48.7 % as males and 51.3 % as females.

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