Wa Central NDC Communication Officer: You Can’t Insult Me Because of your ‘Ansuma’ MP

Lukman(Left) Mohammed Tando(Right)

I have always been consistent in the advancing objective views regarding governance and socio-economic issues.

I feel honoured that, all major parties at one point in time accused me of being in bed with either of the NDC and NPP. Let me add that, the fundamental reality of the Wa Central MP is described as an ‘Ansuma MP’ – he is only good at coming to sympathize with families that have been bereaved and off to Accra.

For Mumuni Mohammed Tando a young, handsome man that appears respectful with nice hair- save to spew rubbish in an attempt to tarnish my high earned reputation is highly unfortunate. Ghana would always suffer from quality leadership if we continue to get ‘mistakes as leaders’. Indeed, Wa Central NDC must be feeling apologetic in making such mistakes.

I am disappointed at the fact that whenever I criticized the Upper West Regional Minister you never commented; I have described the government one District; One dams’ policy as ‘frog ponds’ you never commented; I have also described the government handling of COVID- 19 as premature you never commented.

But when I sought to challenge ‘your MP who have spent 16 years in parliament without a policy direction and strong show of leadership, you sought to denigrate me. I am highly respected in the Upper West Region for advancing social justice and advocacy. I am highly respected among both NDC and NPP stalwarts in the region, not amateurish like you. I chose a path to be critical and speech for the vulnerable. If you are okay Hon. Dr. Hassan Rashid Pelpuo giving you ‘peanuts’ to help in your feeding and survival, I would prefer more for the masses in terms of demanding for development,
Let me clear your doubt, I have been living and voting in Wa Central constituency, I had voted for Hon. Rashid before and so if he is not performing and failing us, you don’t expect me to remain silent? I am not a dummy dumb. You have to perform well as a communication director of your party. I am ready to help you build your intellectual competence. Never treat any critique as a political opponent. Some of us criticize for a better change. The fact that I criticized does not mean a political opponent.
Let me warn you, it is better to talk to your brother, rather than rushing to the media to expose yourself. We have a good relationship on a personal score and you choose this path and have also decided to respond in equal measure.
Let be emphatic that, I have no regret in authoring this article and I would never in my lifetime render an apology to Hon. Dr. Rashid Pelpuo (PhD) Mp for Wa Central concerning the article. He rather needs to provide answers to my questions and apologize to the good people of Wa Constituency including me as a voter for failing to demonstrate quality leadership. If being a member of parliament is about ‘greeting funerals’ then anybody is best qualified, because of our strong moral standing, ‘Ansuma’ has been part of our culture. But I think being an MP, goes beyond that?
In your response to my article: Letter to Hon. Dr. Rashed Hassan Pelpuo: Where are our trained Doctors? You have ignorantly exposed yourself; by saying ‘persons the MP has obtained GETFUND scholarship for and has at one point in time supported them with monies from his share of the common fund anytime GETFUND disbursement is delayed’. If a person is on GETFUND scholarship and only at one-point time received small change from the MPs common fund. He cannot classify such persons as Doctors he has sponsored.
You have also exposed yourself by saying the Ministry of Health should be blamed for not bringing back the supposed trained Doctors to serve in the Wa Central constituency. Why can the MP lobby for them to be posted? If your MP claimed to have provided scholarship packages for 15 medical trained doctors and cannot lobby for them to be posted back in his constituency, is that one to an MP?
You have indeed exposed the Wa Central MP for being deceitful and dishonest with the good people of the constituency. You stated that some persons receive support irregularly/ regularly and not necessarily for school fees. Did you call this scholarship?
On the issue of bonding, you need to read more to appreciate the realities. For a professional like you to have described bonding as a mere undertaking is worrying. That would have at least redeemed your MPs claimed of training medical Doctors. Again, if the Assembly has oversight responsibility and not the MP why trying to take credit that, Hon. Dr. Hassan Rashid has sponsored 15 medical Doctor, rather it should have been Wa Municipal Assembly instead.
I entreat political activists and communication to respect and appreciate the individuals who choose a path of demanding accountability and to accept our constructive criticism. I would not remain silent, for our president demand as to be citizens, not spectators. I am only a citizen, not a spectator.

Author; Tahiru Lukman
Email: lukmantahiru@rocketmail.com
Tel: 0209154057 / 0551018778
Position; Youth Activist, Dev’t Consultant & Pan- African Author

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