Nadowli-kaleo: Gold Samples Sighted in Takpo

Azumah Resources LTD is Into Gold Mining

Information Reaching Upperwestmedia Team from small scale miners in the region have proven some samples of gold have been found in the Farming community within Nadowli-kaleo District.

The Samples appeared initially in Dorimon and Sections of Eggu in the Wa West District which later extended to Takpo in the Nadowli-Kaleo District.

Some small scale farmers have admitted its good news and a source of income as the covid-19 has slowed economic activities.

Others express scare and panic explaining that an Australian Mining Company Identified as Azuma Resources LTD based in the District may give most of them a run for the gold Resources urging Community leaders to intervene as small scale mining is less harmful compared to using Machines.

Some Natives of Takpo added their voice admitting it will boost businesses in Takpo and also Develop the Town if only Opinion Leaders and Chiefs will negotiate appropriately.

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