An Open Letter to SoMNET, MFF and G-6 [Article]

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Our elders have taught us that a wise child is not spoken to in plain words but in proverbs. I begin with the saying that,” he who beats the drum of war must be prepared to dance with the Warriors” which signifies that we must be prepared to face the consequences of actions both in short, medium and long term.

I write to express my dissatisfaction to your unsatisfactory level of personal attacks, words of threats and insults towards your respective parliamentary candidates in the wa central constituency. Politics of insults, threats and victimization has become a norm in most of your messages to the public.
I am saddened and i know many other people are saddened too . however, we must embark on a path that builds rather than destroy in dealing with messages thrown to our various candidates. If others are issuing words of insults and threats, is not justifiable to retaliate in such magnitude or more but rather focus on messages that sells your candidate for public favour. If majority are doing it does not mean is right. A wrong is a wrong even if everyone is doing it and a right is right even if no one is doing it.
I have heard, seen and witness many on social media platforms saying or threatening to bring out nude pictures of a particular candidate in efforts to destroy her chances but hey if you want to do that, think of what the law says about Obscenity and i also entreat those people, before you do that, first ask your mother or your religious father of what you want to do to see if it is worthy of doing before you do what you want to do. Exposing nude pictures or video of any woman is same as exposing your own mother’s womanhood. Would you like your mother’s nudes pictures or videos to be displayed in public? You decide.
In everthing that one intends to do to someone or group, you have to show empathy thus putting yourself in the same shoe that if it was me, how would i feel? You decide.
The other is a fine gentleman which I regarded as the most decent politician in the upper west region and beyond. Many in their quest for power have issued death threats and insults but such cannot be traced in the political profile of this tall lanky gentleman. He is a man of peace, very accomodating and a good listner. No wonder he is a master in communication.
All these parliamentary candidates have their own strengths, weaknesses and opportunities which are not the same and so therefore, their approach to issues would not be the same even though they all would be spinning towards the development of their people. We must not think that they should all Act in the same way.
I know, this fine gentleman would never issue any words of threats or insults to this courageous woman and the vice versa. Why then should you the followers try to destroy each other’s candidate with words of insults and threats, instead of communicating with the right messages on your candidate’s policies and development plan that sells to the public.
If you guys are irreponsible enough to allow yoursleves with such behaviour which i know not all of you are like that then it is easy to see all criticisms by others as nonsense and critics as haters and enemies of your progress but my question is, how would the words of insults and threats improve upon the quality of your lives?. I am not against positive or negative criticisms of your respective candidates but am totally againsted politics of insults,threat and victimization.
The truth is that, the current glow of controversy and excitement that you generate is more about your words of insults and threats and not communicating right messages to the public to sell your candidates.
The truth is that, those who are in support of your irreponsible behavior will not allow their own children to undergo such deviant behavior in society.
I know, some of you are my colleagues in age, others are older than me whiles am older than some of you but age is a necessary but not a sufficient measure of wisdom which goes to support the saying that,” the old age of methusellah has nothing to do with the wisdom of king Solomon”.
I can give you a piece of advice or make suggestions or recommendations but you are responsible for the decisions and choices you make and you shall suffer the consequences of your decisions and choices.
There is a saying that,”Meat that has fat will prove it by the heat of fire” so therefore, let us send good messages of our candidates that sells to the public for them to decide. Remember, there is more to our lives than politics. Let us see our responsibilities as a call to rise up yo the challenges of our development.
I will end here with the saying that, ” if you are in the same height with your father does not make him your age mate”
Kindly reconsider your choice of words in your communications.
Thank You.
Your brother,

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