Sissala East: Woman farmer butchered multiple times over farmland by alleged deranged man

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A 55 year old woman farmer of Taffiasi and a mother of 5 in the Sissala East municipality has sustained severe multiple wounds after she was attacked by a ‘suspected insane’ man with matchete.

The incident took place on Sunday 31st May, 2020 at the farmlands of Chinchan 10KM from Tumu where according medical staff the ‘severity of the injuries forced the Tumu Municipal authorities to transfer her to the regional hospital in Wa for advanced care after 5hours in the theater as she battles for her life’
Visiting the woman at the Sissala East Municipal Hospital by the RadfordFM 107.5FM in Tumu on Sunday evening,a staff at the theatre who spoke to us on condition of anonymity mentioned that,
“Several cutlass wounds was seen all over her body when Zainabu Alidu was brought in which made her received and sustained deep laceration at the back of her neck, fracture of the right lower arm with deep laceration”.

Quite apart from that, her attacker also hacked her in the hand resulting in laceration of the right palm and also showed a deep laceration of the scalp with fracture of the skull around the frontal region,including receiving deep laceration of the right ankle posteriorially”.

“She was brought into the facility around 11am, we tried to sustain and stabilise her with suturing of some of the wounds ,and referred her to the regional hospital in Wa for further attention in view of the injuries to the skull and the other deep cutlass wounds “.

Speaking to the victim Zenabu who said “she got up this morning to the farm which she had acquired and prepared a two acre of land to plant maize and had cleared the place but was left with burning the woods ready for ploughing. She continued that, “I had an encounter with Saworu Salia 49 years some few days ago at the farm who was unpacking the wood,I asked him why he was on my farm and doing on the land,he insulted me and my child but we decided to leave him and left for home”.

“Then today when I came,Sanworu had picked some rubbish and kept on the woods I had planned to burn, I then asked why he did that,he answered saying he was also going to farm on the land and asked him to leave the place, whilst I bent to repack the sticks he hacked me on my neck with a cutlass,I then fell down, I tried to get up and wrestle him but fell unconscious making him to inflict the cutlass on my head,hand,back ,legs until I started wailing for my life”.
She added on her bed that,”whiles she was being cutlassed,a pregnant woman closed by heard my cry and turned towards the scene,upon seeing the woman ,Saworun the attacker started to run,she then went for her donkey truck and brought me to the chief’s house but was later carried on motorcycle to the hospital in Tumu”.
At the Tumu police station, the attacker a 49 year old Saworun Salia said “he wanted a place to farm as his victim and her son had taken all the farmlands and left him with nothing aside the fact he was been mocked at.Most of the residents of both Taffiasi and Chinchang where the injured is married with five children said Sawuron is epileptic and lately was showing strange behavior and could be having mental challenges.
RadfordFM gathered monday 1st june 2020 he was taken to the magistrates court in Tumu
Inspector Thomas Mensah of the Tumu Police said “investigations of the incident has commenced and when they are done, they will prefer the right charges against the attacker who hails from Chinchan”.
Madam Zenabu is also a member of the peasant farmers association who is being farming all her to fend for her life and children.

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