Wa Central: Hajia Humu’s campaign gets a boost as Party Chair apologises to MCE

NPP Chairman for Wa Central, Ali Kamara

The campaign of Hajia Humu Awudu, the Parliamentary Candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the Wa Central Constituency, has received a major boost following a public apology to the Wa Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) by the Constituency Chairman of the party.

Chairman Ali Abdul-Kareem Kunsangpou Kamara and Alhaaj Issahaku Tahiru Moomin, the Wa MCE, were said to be at each other’s throat since the NPP took over the reins of governance.

This was evident in the acrimonies thrown at each other by their admirers and well-wishers given the least opportunity especially, during the party’s elections to elect their executives and the last Parliament Primaries that saw the MCE’s third bid to represent the party in Wa Central at the 2020 polls hit a snag, losing out to Hajia Hummu, a first-timer.

With the emergence of Hajia Humu as the Parliamentary Candidate coming from the camp of the Chairman Kamara who was not in the good books of the former Parliamentary Candidate of the party and MCE of the Wa Municipality, many political pundits became very skeptical about her chances of wrestling the seat for the elephant family for the first time.

But the recent demeanor of the MCE in partaking in the programs of the Parliamentary Candidate has given hope to the party and political watchers alike in the constituency, that this was likely to ensure unity in the party ahead of the general elections in December 2020.

Even more heartwarming and assuring is the constituency chair’s move to offer the MCE an unqualified public apology today, Thursday, June 4, 2020, on Radio Progress, a Wa-based community radio transmitting on 98.1 Megahertz, in a rare show of political maturity.

Speaking to Muniru Ibrahim (IB), the host of the Morning Show Program, Chairman Ali Kamara apologized in very vivid terms to the MCE, Alhaaj Issahaku Moomen, without mincing his words, for all that might have happened between them in the past. He said it was time they buried the hatchet, came together with their sympathizers, unite and work to enhance the fortunes of the party while consolidating their gains as well.

According to him, it would only take collective efforts to chalk the much-needed success for the party and therefore wanted all hands on deck to ensure this is achieved since no one individual alone can bring that success to the party.

Commenting on the developmental strives of Hajia Humu, the Parliamentary Candidate, Chairman Ali Kunsangpou Kamara, taunted her many developmental achievements such as her women’s livelihood empowerment programs, the provision of educational scholarships abroad, the resurfacing of some roads within the municipality, the provision of boreholes, among others.

He claimed that it was due to these unprecedented developmental agenda by Hajia Humu that has made it impossible for the incumbent Member of Parliament, Dr. Abdul-Rashid Pelpou, to remain in the capital for long as he hitherto did, without rushing back to the constituency for visibility.

Chairman Ali Kamara was also full of praises for Dr. Hafiz Bin Saleh, the Upper West Regional Minister, in coordinating the affairs of the region and for ensuring the smooth running of the party.

Source: Ilyaas Al-Hasan, Contributor

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