Jirapa: Schedule for Issuance of Ghana Card to Registered Members

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NIA officials will be at the following centres to issue cards to people who took part in the mass registration exercise but could not get their cards beginning 10 June 2020 in Jirapa.


Wednesday, 10/06/2020—-Saturday, 13/06/2020.

1. St. Augustine JHS
2. Credit Union
4. Nyeni
5.Local council Naayiri
6. Tizza Primary
7.Nimbare primary
8. Konzokala
9. Vingving
10. Tampoe
11. Yagha
12. Tuggo
13. Sigri


15/06/2020—18/06/2020.(monday- Thursday)
19.Duori primary
20. Chachaa
21.Ullo SHS
22. Chapuri
23. Uollo
24. Hain
25. Kogri
26. Guo
28.Sabuli primary.
However, people of  Tampaala can go to st. Augustine, Dadugyiri to Credit Union, Gbare to Zakpaayiri, Kuncheni to Nyeni, Duori primary to Naayiri Local council, Chachaa to Tizza primary, Ullo to Nimbare, Chapuri to Konzonkala, Uollo to Yagha, Hain to Tuggo, Kogri to Vingving, Guo to Tampoe, Ul-Kpong to Sigri, and Sabuli to Ping, to collect their cards, if they can’t wait till the 15/06/2020 to collect at their communities.

Filed by: George Luri

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