Lawra SHS Students Stage a ‘Demo’ Against School’s Management

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Students of Lawra SHS on 12th July staged a demonstration against school authorities after rejecting food served them.

The students who initially expected to be served Jollof Rice with Eggs were served T.Z with Dry Okro Soup for Lunch, this raised pulse in the school with the final year students rejecting the food. They threatened more chaos but the school’s matron Rose Ankamah Pleaded to replace the food according to a reliable informant in the school.

The headmaster Mr. Seidu Tengbani  as at that moment was out of School for an official duty and as such couldn’t be reached for explanations.

More Soon.

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3 thoughts on “Lawra SHS Students Stage a ‘Demo’ Against School’s Management

  1. This kind of useless and uncuff stories you sometime put in the media Tanis the image of the school and municipal as large. How can you forge stories like this without verifying your information. You will not be the person to create tension in Lawra. Never. Your gain will not work.


  2. This usually happens when we were students those days in 2000s
    I think the should be some monitoring and evaluation stratstrategic plan to ensure the right thing done not for the cooks to decide what to give to the students at what any time.
    Thank God there is peace now.


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