‘The Upper West Youth of Today and Free Things Mentality’ – Jonathan Writes

A Young Lad Begging in Wa


Do the rapid developments in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and blockchain, along with the need for greater cybersecurity, signal another network revolution?

In an age of algorithms that seem to anticipate one’s every need or desire—smartphones, drones, and driverless cars—it’s easy to think that today’s revolutions in communications, business, and many areas of our daily life are unprecedented.

Upon closer examination, however, these “new technologies” are built on older networked concepts that echo experiences of the past.

Instead of the youth to take advantage of the new network revolution that has come with a lot of opportunities to leverage their potentials,they expect nothing but free network offers.

It is very regrettable to note that we have more degree holders in this generation with less Sense. Should the trends continue in this direction,it means that we are likely to have a very bleak future.

It appears that the youth of today are very lazy. They only sit down and wait for a free gift from a network company, Only to realize that they are being scammed by fraudsters.

This New age of technology has come with a lot of learning opportunities but only few people realize it and use the system to search for knowledge and better their lives.

It is very sad and annoying to see how the Youth of today sit down and share free gifts Link on every social media platforms with hope of getting or winning an award. They will never tell you that at the end ,they were scammed but also allow innocent people to become victims too. That is why I stated that we have more degrees holders with less Sense.

Some times ago we used to have series of
suicide cases mostly involving the youth but today it appears we less reports from those cases and incidence. I don’t want to believe that most of these youth have been committing suicide and the same reports are being hidden because of Network scammers.

The youth of today should know that the era of manna and free things may be over. The desperate for one night riches and early gratification has caused a lot of these so call literates . Those who wants these free things in this complicated world are the true embodiment of the modern day literates.

Education is indispensable especially in this generation with free minds . It further gives a clue that most students today are literate and the few are educated. The so call graduates who are scammed may be more than the number of suicide cases we may have over the years and our educational psychologist need to rise to the occasion.

Indeed,life is a product of experiment but not death trial experiment. Because you only live once. Everyday, this company is offering a free data and cash and see people with less senses opening such links. We may try different options in life of getting wealth but not through such dubious means. In the pages of history,am not sure whether all the rich men and women became rich through free gifts? .What I read about was hard work and determination .

We too can do same if we emulate the same spirit of getting wealth.

It is following the manner in which these free gift things are flooding our social media platforms made me very sad to express my personal opinions on this subject matter.

The less educated ones, let’s us be ambassadors of change makers to the modern literates who still dwell on the archaic ideology of free gifts from some where. Innocent people have suffered in silence and many are yet to come.

For the purposes of brevity of time and space I may not be able to chronicle the entire subject in broader perspectives .

The world has gone global due to digitization of the system. And we should consider it as a reconnection of modern civilization in International trade and work. It is an era where workers can stay home and work.

I encourage you to read and share this because of the attitudes of the Ghanaians youth.

Goodluck Jonathan Tampuor
The Writter is a Registered Nurse , Writter and Youth Activist.

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