You Bribed Delegates with Dogs instead of Establishing the Factory – Adongo to Karbo

Hon. Anthony Abayifa Karbo, MP for Lawra

Member of Parliament (MP) for Bolgatanga Isaac Adongo, in a lighthearted post on social media, has accused colleague for Lawra and Deputy Minister of Roads, Anthony Abaryifa Karbo, of having used dogs meant for establishing the dog factory in Bolga to bribe delegates in the recently held New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary primaries.

Anthony Karbo had during his ministerial vetting in Parliament joked about establishing a dog factory in Bolgatanga given that the meat is a delicacy of the Frafra people.

“Mr Chairman you will recall that when our president announced the one district, one factory our opponents from the other side thought it was just another political lie. They thought he could not deliver on it and ‘pooh poohed’ the idea. But in a radio discussion analyzing the resource potentials of many of the districts, I know that the Kintampo area has a lot of mangoes and in the dry season and when the mango booms, they are left to rot so when a government is coming with an initiative to establish a district factory, the people of Kintampo could benefit”, he was quoted to have said.

He added “the same way, you know Dargaatis and Frafras are playmates and Hon Adongo and the others will admit that dog is a delicacy…it is such a huge delicacy in Korea, in China… It is an exportable product, let’s put jokes aside. I have lived in Bolga for so many years and I know there dog hunters going round buying dogs and hunting for dogs”, he added.

But barely three years after the vetting, the Bolgatanga Central lawmaker reminded his colleague of the promise to the people of the region saying “Hon Karbo used all the dogs to bribe his Dagarti delegates at the NPP Primaries he won. He’s now run out of supplies for the 2020 Parliamentary elections campaign. Dog factory Yaamutu”

But in a sharp rebuttal Karbo said “Hon. Isaac Adongo consumed all the raw materials”

Dagaaba and Frafra people are ethnic playmates who regularly joke about which of the ethnic groups consume more dog meat.

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