Wa: Boy,14 Accused of Witchcraft

Video On Demand Below

A young boy within the age of 14 has been accused of being a wizard who is responsible for his incomprehensible health condition.

The youngster was left with his grandmother and has since stopped schooling as his physical appearance(looking malnourished) has made him a laughing stock as several people get scared of him and wouldn’t associate with him. He has since been forced into taking hospital medication even though lab tests have proven otherwise.

The adolescent sighted at mangu a suburb of Wa Municipality where he resides admitted he wants to learn a trade and asked if he could be assisted to enroll in a workshop he was spotted.

In a video coverage, He admitted his father is from Kojopkeri in the Daffiamah-Issa-Bussie District whilst his Mother is from Daffiama also in same district, the two went their separate ways after the woman asked to perform a traditional rite called “Amamre” which she declined. His mother is currently in Tamale and he hopes one-day his mother will come for him.

Mr. Sadat admitted his parents have taken him around for treatment but due to financial challenges he was left with his grandmother in mangu who sometimes accused him of being a wizard.

He called on the public to assist him in any way they can as he is willing to get well again on order to join his colleagues in school after the covid-19 pandemic.

To Support Sadat With Food, Clothes, Medication, Cash etc You Can Contact 0208779192
or Donate VIA MOMO to 0247296865

Fowarded by: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip

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