Nandom: Heavy Rain Destroys Major Road

The Current Situation on part of the Hamile Nandom Road

A Heavy downpour  in Kokoligu within the Nandom municipality destroyed a newly constructed road heading towards the Hamile border in the Upper West Region. The rain is said to have started from 9:33pm on 26th July 2020.

About three hours of heavy rainfall yesterday in the Kokoligu Junction, caused severe water-logging, cut off the road, and disrupted activities within that area.
Commercial vehicles from the Hamile and Nandom ‘Trotro’ Station had to wait a little longer because the water-logging and cut off of the road had blocked the road leading to Hamile.
To avoid any danger, some motorists parked their vehicle and had to wait for the level of water on the road to subside before continuing their trips.
Users of the road are therefore cautioned to be careful when applying that route.

Filed by: Abdul Rashid Minister

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